Login screen ubuntu login

In this article we have provided Login screen ubuntu login guide to help you access your account easily. Just follow the step by step instruction for Login screen ubuntu login

How to login into the Login screen ubuntu login page ?

  • Step 1: First open the official Login screen ubuntu login portal or website: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/45315/how-to-change-the-ubuntu-linux-login-screen/

  • Step 2: Now look for the Sign In / Log In option on the site. Mostly it is on the top right or naviagtion menu.
  • Step 3: Now Enter your Login screen ubuntu login username and password to get access your account.
  • Step 4: Now click on Log In/ Sign In button.
  • Step 5 : Now it will check your credentials and redirect you account. If you forgot your username or password, you can reset with forget password option.

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